Collate – Medicine / Genesis Fatigue

Collate – Medicine / Genesis Fatigue

Collate’s sharp and abrasive new 7” ‘Medicine / Genesis Fatigue’ combines energy and coherence across the two intense no wave tracks

Collate are a no wave band from Portland, Oregon, and consist of Jason (vocals and guitar), Erika (bass and vocals) and Janie (drums).

The first track ‘Medicine’ instantly sets the scene with a brittle and glass-like bass and guitar tone, but soon slips into an awkward Fall-esque groove. There are moments of layered call-and-response vocals sandwiched between bursts of powerful guitars that become more and more unhinged as the track progresses, until it hits a beautiful and cathartic saturation point in a final dissonant push to the end. There’s absolutely nothing that sounds accidental in this track and every guitar part feels considered as Collate craft their vision of 70s New York, which is a perfect fit for the current times.

On the other side, ‘Genesis Fatigue’ feels even more chaotic and true to the no wave aesthetic. Within a frantic 1 minute and 28 seconds of abrasive guitars, Collate communicate their vision with absolute accuracy and perfect coherency. The rhythm section almost falls over the driving cowbell and at times feels like Fire Engines at their most listenable. The vocal delivery, although just as frenetic as the instrumentation, adds an egg-punk lightness, in a Uranium Club kind of way.

The 7” is stunning in its own right, with a two-colour risograph fold-over cover in metallic gold and black. The typography is elegant and at odds with the abrasive nature of the music, creating a beautiful contradiction between the two aesthetics.

All profits from the 7” will be donated to Portland-based mutual aid groups, including Mutual Aid Alliance Portland, the Fred Hampton Community Clinic (volunteer medical professionals working horizontally to provide free care to all) and Fires Igniting the Spirit (Indigenous-led organisers of runs to bring critical supplies/resources to Indigenous communities).

‘Medicine / Genesis Fatigue’ 7” vinyl is out now and available from Collate’s Bandcamp and Domestic Departure Records in the US, as well as from the following shops and distros around the world: Celluloid Lunch (Canada), Feel It (US), Sorry State (US), Speck's Records (US), Strangeworld Records (Australia), Total Punk (US) and X-Mist (Germany).

Portland, Oregon / 2021 / 7 Inch / Domestic Departure Records