Eggy – Bravo!

Eggy – Bravo!

Eggy blend garage rock and art-pop with surreleast sounds on their beautifully eccentric debut album ‘Bravo!’

Eggy are a five piece band from Melbourne consisting of: Lucy Packham (vocals/keys), Charlie Wolstenholme (drums), Zoe Monk (vocals/guitar), Dom Moore (bass/vocals), and Sam Lyons (guitar/sax). Announcing themselves as a band with more than just a strange name, they follow up a superbly tight live session on Cook Up with a collection of 11 brilliant avant-pop tracks.

The record starts with the beautiful and meandering art-pop opening ‘Johnny Whoop’. The first track really sets the scene for the rest of the album with a tasty blend of whimsical pop sentiments with wonky guitars played over a dappling of avant-garde background noises.

Moore takes over the lead vocals on ‘HAL 9000’, a brilliant piece of 'The Clean-esque' lofi pop songwriting that’s bound to be an anthem of the soon approaching Melbournian summer. It’s packed full of pop culture references, with a nod to Arthur C. Clarke's Space Odyssey series in the title and repeated refrain of ‘Pop culture’s killing me’.

There’s an impressive amount of stylistic diversity throughout the album as it contrasts tight art-pop with surrealist and absurdist sounds creating a record that feels like it combines the minds eccentricities of all 5 members into something extremely coherent and enjoyable.

Monk’s vocals are delivered with sharp eccentricity and stand out throughout the record, light yet mischievous, they effortlessly summon sounds of art-pop matriarch Cate Le Bon while expertly avoiding common cliches of the genre.

The production is spot on with a sound that allows enough space for the intricate guitar work and playful melodies to be fully appreciated yet staying true to the lofi sentiments, a sound that we’ve come to expect from the revered Mikey Young, who mixed and mastered Bravo!

Bravo! is out now via Spoilsport Records and a limited run of vinyl can be found on Eggy’s Bandcamp.

Melbourne, Australia / 2020 / Album / Spoilsport Records