Kaputt – Movement Now

Kaputt – Movement Now

Glasgow post-punk six-piece Kaputt return with the explosive new single Movement Now, taken from their upcoming 7” EP

Following on from their excellent 2019 debut album ‘Carnage Hall’ the post-punk six-piece Kaputt return with their new single ‘Movement Now’, a blistering example of Glasgow’s exciting DIY scene. Taken from their upcoming 7” EP, ‘Movement Now​/​Another War Talk’ is made for a packed and sweaty venue and sets the scene for the eagerly anticipated return of live music.

Tonally the rhythm section sounds like something delicious that’s been festering away at the bottom of Steve Albini’s lunchbox. The performance is so powerful and tight that if you stripped everything else back and only listened to the metallic low-mid ruble of the bass and the punchy intensity of the drums, I think ‘Movement Now’ would still stand up pretty strong.

Underpinning the whole track, the motorik beat propels with a ferocious forward momentum that would make John Dwyer sweat, but it doesn’t lock into the groove for long as it quickly breaks into a wildy syncopated section that is verging on math rock (in a very unpretentious way) before pushing onto a driving chorus. I don’t think I exhaled for the whole 3 minutes and 10 seconds, captivated by the track’s schizoid refusal to stay still for even the briefest of moments, perfectly fitting for the title ‘Movement Now’.

The dual vocals of Cal Donnelly and Chrissy Barnacle contrast and compliment at the same time, summoning a dissonant and post-apocalyptic version of The B-52s and dripping wet with beautiful tape delays.

The saxophone adds way more than texture here, contributing to the driving nature but softening the tone at the same time, Kaputt really hit a sweet spot on this track as they blend their eccentricities into a wildly beautiful track.

‘Movement Now​/​Another War Talk’ is out Friday 14th May 2021 via Upset The Rhythm in the UK, you can pre-order the 7” now.

Glasgow, Scotland / 2021 / Single / Upset the Rhythm