Naked Roommate – Do the Duvet

Naked Roommate – Do the Duvet

Oakland’s Naked Roommate deliver a collection of sparse new wave disco bangers on their debut album ‘Do the Duvet’.

Formed in 2018 by Amber Sermeńo and Andy Jordan, initially as a side project, the self-described ‘partners in art and life’ transitioned Naked Roommate into their main creative output after the demise of their previous project The World. With the recruitment of Michael Zamora and Alejandra Alcala, Naked Roommate have become a powerful, ever-changing live act and have delivered one of my favourite records of 2020.

The record is underpinned by the beat of playfully programmed drum machines combined Sermeńo’s tight, funk-inspired basslines that carry a sparseness that leaves plenty of room for a spot-on nonchalant vocal delivery and layers of textural guitars and synths that add plenty of richness and intrigue.

From start to finish the album feels effortlessly cool and effortlessly hooky in equal measures and summons vibes of the almost legendary, John Peel-loved early 80s new wave disco band The Jellies.

Although definitely a post-punk record, it manages to sound both old and new at the same and the sharpness of the sound and songwriting manages to avoid the clichés and common pitfalls that so often mar the genre.

There’s a freshness that disrupts the currently bloated post-punk revival and offers a refreshing dose of playful funk in a scene that feels like it’s almost at saturation point and, like many revivals before it, teeters dangerously near entering a stage of ‘landfill post punk’.

‘Do the Duvet’ is out now via Upset the Rhythm in the UK and Trouble In Mind in the USA.

Oakland, California / 2020 / Album / Trouble in Mind Records