Powerplant – A Spine / Evidence

Powerplant – A Spine / Evidence

The East London four piece's latest cassette, 'A Spine / Evidence’, is a 10-minute blast of lo-fi analogue lushness.

Following 2019’s ‘People in the Sun’, Powerplant deliver a blast of thoroughly enjoyable lo-fi synth-punk that adds some much-needed grit and weirdness to the capital’s vapid mire of gentrification and smashed-avo-serving cafes.

Haunting and exhilarating in equal parts, ‘A Spine / Evidence’ almost feels like it can be consumed in a single breath and captures the raw energy of the bedroom project – something we’re missing desperately in the midst of covid’s disruption to the live music scene. It’s a tape to be played loud; very loud.

The 5-track EP may only be around 10 minutes in length but it has plenty of variation in songwriting, from the crooning opening to fast hardcore bursts sandwiched by strange Devo-esque tunes. Zhykharyev’s impressively diverse vocals summon early Ty Segall, synth-punk legends The Screamers and at times something I can only describe as a coked-up Ian Curtis.

The record has a lovely analogue richness to it that deserves to be enjoyed on cassette and will force even the most fanatic audiophiles to rummage the depths of the internet in search of a vintage tape deck – it gives us all a reason to leave behind the streaming services that are trying so hard to starve the already malnourished artist community.

‘A Spine / Evidence’ is out now with 7'' vinyl available from Static Shock Records and cassettes from Dreamland Syndicate in the UK.

London, UK / 2020 / EP / Static Shock Records