Slow Weather – Clean Living

Slow Weather – Clean Living

Slow Weather’s debut provides a captivating collection of songs with a timeless feel.

Slow Weather is the new project of Chris McCrory and Annie Booth, of Catholic Action and Last Night From Glasgow fame. The collaboration came about when Chris and Annie worked together in recording sessions for a track by wojtek the bear, followed by Chris providing production on Annie’s ‘Spectral’ EP which was released in 2019. Slow Weather is an exciting partnership of two hidden gems of the Scottish music scene; one that on their debut EP showcases two truly great songwriters combining to deliver a very cohesive set of luscious yet varied songs packed with character and nuance.

‘Lisbon’ is a particular highlight, where shimmering guitar glistens over a sleepy rhythm section that brings to mind the dying breaths of day as the sun fades. Annie Booth’s melancholic vocals guide the listener through a series of poetic musings that feel nostalgic in their whispered delivery. The latter parts of the song really begin to take flight and it’s easy to bear resemblances to Beach House, as reverby guitars wash through a circling stream of consciousness. It really is a captivating piece of dream pop and a clear point where the production really shines in giving the songs space to open up and breathe.

The title track ‘Clean Living’ sets off with gentle plucked guitars and lullaby-like keys, which don’t even begin to prepare the listener for this expansive musing on the comedown from a failed relationship. Lines like ‘I’m an optimist’ being met with ‘I’m a realist’ shows the duo’s musical chemistry and interplay as they cohesively weave a sense of narrative that ebbs and flows alongside the instrumentation so elegantly. In the latter half of the track, Chris and Anna deliver a spiralling ‘How did I let this happen to us?’ refrain which repeats over and over, as the keys gently build and layer to drive home the sense of circling thoughts and regret over what has been lost. It’s an emotionally captivating moment that frequently threatens to spill over, yet stays restrained and understated, almost as the character tries to keep their emotions intact. It’s such a powerful finishing statement that leaves a lasting impact.

Slow Weather’s debut is the affirming sound of two artists maturing in their craft and exploring the possibilities offered by collaboration. This clever, emotionally compelling yet often playful set of songs provides an experience more akin to an album than just five songs.

‘Clean Living’ is out now on 12'' vinyl, available from Last Night From Glasgow in the UK.

Glasgow, Scotland / 2020 / EP / Last Night From Glasgow