Taqbir – S/T

Taqbir – S/T

Morocco’s Taqbir stomp through 4 tracks of abrasive raw energy on their debut self-titled EP.

With very little written about them on the internet, it’s quite hard to find out who Taqbir are, but with a sprinkling of discussion across the depths of the punk subreddit, it seems that they’re a brand new taqwacore band based in Tangier.

Across their 4 tracks Taqbir deliver a beautiful bout of raw unfiltered energy and after being slapped in the face by the rumbling bass and guitar feedback in the opening seconds of ‘Sma3’, I knew it was going to be something special. It is raw and abrasive, yet effortlessly hooky and draws comparison to the Australian egg-punk scene and bands such as R.M.F.C. However, with way more aggression in the performance, the stylistic qualities somehow feel way less contrived.

‘Aisha Qandisha’ is as hooky as the opener and even allows for brief moments of respite with a nonchalant spoken vocal delivery that shows the band drawing influence from the post-punk and new-wave world.

Combining the garage-punk energy and subtle poppiness of Jay Reatard with hardcore punk influences, their debut EP hits that sweet spot of blown-out-speaker-lofi-loveliness.

The EP is worth a look for the artwork alone; a striking cover combining both the punk and Arabic aesthetic perfectly.

Taqbir’s self-released and self-titled debut EP is available for digital download through their Bandcamp.

Tangier, Morocco / 2021 / EP / Self-released